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For the purpose of this skills needs assessment tool, please consider the following definitions:

Advanced technology to communicate with external systems
Technology and services that optimize the movement of goods and people


Which industry(s) best describes your company?

Which industry sub-sector(s) best describes your CM initiatives?

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How many people work in your organization?

In what county or counties is your business located?

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What are your greatest CM hiring challenges?

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Elaborate or write your own challenge:

What can be done to remedy your hiring challenges?

What personal competencies does your organization have the most difficulty finding in CM job candidates?

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Select the individual job(s) for which your company is having difficulty finding qualified candidates.

CM Engineering Jobs
CM Technician and Skilled Trades Jobs
CM Data & Security Jobs

Select the individual job(s) for which your company is having the most difficulty finding qualified CM specific candidates.

Select no more than 5.


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